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Online volunteer management for sports teams, associations, and leagues

Manage people easierDibs volunteer system

Manage your volunteers with ease. Assign and claim responsibility using Dibs volunteer tracking system. Website members claim responsibility for items, complete claimed obligations, and fulfill set requirements.

What is Dibs?

Volunteer work and efficient scheduling helps keep an organization running smoothly - and Dibs makes organizing these tasks a breeze. It keeps members organized by providing a platform to assign and claim responsibility for various tasks vital to your club.

Website members can browse assigned Dibs sessions and claim responsibility. Members then complete Dibs items to fulfill their requirements. Dibs is perfect for tracking volunteers and ties directly into your member's website account.

Volunteering has never been easierInformation at a Glance

Get a quick view of the vital task information such as assigned Dibs credits, availability, and cancellation information. Task information can be viewed in list or calendar format, making it easy for referees, volunteers, or schedulers to keep everything in order.

Get the most from your membersClaim and Assign Tasks

Once a member completes a task, the allocated amount of Dibs credits will be added to their total and the task will be removed from the list. Whether your organization requires significant amounts of volunteer work from its members or simply needs a method to track team carpools, Dibs has the power and flexibility to get the job done.

Compatible withRegistration

Direct connection to Sport Ngin Registration. Set up parameters and filters to automatically activate volunteer requirements based on online registration selections.

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